Endangered Species: Eel Passage

OBJECTIVE: Increasing eel survival rates around the Chaudière Falls hydro-electric power station from 80% to 99%.


ACTIONS: Building on a joint study with the Canadian Wildlife Fund and Carleton University, Energy Ottawa has installed special channels to help American eels bypass the turbines as they come up to the power station.

To ensure safe fish passage through the facility they have incorporated leading technological solutions to protect migrating American eel, endangered under the Ontario Endangered Species Act (ESA), and facilitate their upstream migration past the numerous hydro-electric facilities at Chaudière. In addition, they are building new spawning beds downstream to promote recovery efforts associated with sturgeon (also endangered under the ESA).



  • Carleton University
  • Canadian Wildlife Fund


MAKING WAVES: Once fully functional, this complex system of protected passageways and ladders will be the most sophisticated mechanism assisting eel migration on the Ottawa River!



Franz Kropp

Energy Ottawa